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Hamad Al Humaidhan, who has been dubbed a child prodigy artist by many contemporaries, was born on September 11th 1999 in Kuwait as the second of four children. He started showing interest for painting when he was 7 years old and both of Hamad’s parents, particularly his father Walid, feature a significant role in his artistic life.

Initially, Hamad’s love of art started as a hobby. He soon started attending museums, art galleries and historic buildings rich in culture to advance what was becoming his passion. Most of his initial paintings were influenced by him browsing pictures from his father’s art books and from watching his father paint. By coincidence, Hamad adopted a Picasso cubist style of painting, not having ever previously seen any of Picasso’s work. Together with the work of Salvador Dali and Jackson Pollock, he became an admirer of Picasso’s work. Hamad paints his world with youthful emotions, his characters some real, some legendary and others just imaginary are composed with mastery. His paintings are vivid, colorful and youthful expressions, which today can be compared to any established artist developing his/her subjects on society.


He started exhibiting his work in United Kingdom under the wing of Stephen Turner of Turner Fine Arts, since his family lived in Bath, where his mother was seeking a doctorate in Microbiology. He soon became featured in local and national newspapers following the sell-out of his first 6-piece collection and then his second 12-piece collection, both within hours of them being released. He was dubbed as the ‘Young Picasso’ by critics and was commissioned to create the birthday card in celebration of the 180th Anniversary of Covent Garden Market in London, May 2010. This commission stimulated the interest of world media and Hamad was featured on BBC, among other major media outlets, particularly from the United States, where significant interest was being attracted to Hamad’s work. ‘Young talent like this is very rare. We believe that Hamad is an exceptional talent and we are proud to be able to host this young artist’s next collection. We would like to invite everyone to experience the work of this young genius’ said Marlene Outrim, Director of the Off The Wall Gallery.

In 2011 he was placed 4th in the Top Ten list of Exceptional Children and Teenagers.


His third solo exhibition in his homeland of Kuwait was the biggest to date, with new, previously unseen works on display. The exhibition took place between 14th and 28th December 2011 at the Contemporary Art Platform, Kuwait. Proceeds from this exhibition went to the Kuwait Dream Centre for autistic children. The response to Hamad’s work was incredible. In addition to art lovers, there was a strong media presence, including tv stations, newspapers and magazines, particularly from Kuwait, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. 22 original paintings were sold and Hamad donated 25% of sales revenue to a local Kuwaiti school helping children with special needs. Giving back to society, doing something good for others has always been very important to Hamad.

In 2013 he continued staying busy. He was in JAMM Auction House in Kuwait, where he displayed one of his original paintings for sale and sold it for much more than the estimated price. A few days later he was a guest of Foundation of Hope, where he displayed his »1-year diary in paintings«, which means Hamad painted one painting every month for a year. At this event he also showed the largest painting he’s done until today in size of 150cm x 240cm. And again he donated a portion of sales revenue to children in need.


Demand on Hamad’s work is incredible. Just in late 2013 he had 4 private sales.

In 2014 his popularity grew once again and he was interviewed for City Page Magazine, Fashion Avenue Magazine Kuwait and East Indian Company, where he showed some of his paintings and donated one to the owner of the show.

In 2015 he had another private sale. He flew from Kuwait to England to meet with a private collector, who bought the biggest collection of his original works – 9 paintings. He painted and titled one of his paintings »THANK YOU« for this client, showing his appreciation and gratitude.


Recently Hamad was quite busy with many tv appearances in Kuwait. He is presented in Kuwait Through Our Eyes, Part 1 and Part 2, a tv show about Kuwait. Kuwait TV3 station made 2 episodes interviewing Hamad and his father Walid. They both were also interviewed on Kuwait tv Al Majlas. The next day he was a guest on another live show on Kuwait Tv1 called Layali Kuwait.

Besides all the appearances on tv, he also finished photoshooting for 30 under 30, a book which comes out in early 2016 and portrays 30 talented people from Kuwait under 30 years of age.

And the latest thing Hamad has done is showing his work in a Kuwaiti movie called Nashi and Mira, where he is also included in one scene.


On November 8th 2015 Hamad is launching his First World Tour: it starts in UK at The Three Counties Showground, Malvern and continues in Slovenia in early 2016. Stay tuned for more dates and countries.

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