HAMAD AL HUMAIDHAN – ARTWORK DETAILS OF ORIGINAL PAINTING »A MAZE« This original painting by Hamad Al Humaidhan as »Young Picasso« with title »A MAZE« was painted in 2014. The dimensions of canvas are 120 x 160 cm (4714 x 626364 inch) and it`s acrylic with bright colors. It is very difficult for kids at this age (15) to paint on such a big canvas. That is not a problem for Hamad, however, who is focused on paint big canvases with such an incredible mind and imagination. Take a good look at the painting and you will see a lot of things in it. Truly incredible! Hamad about painting: “This painting represents a maze people are trying to make their way through. The two roses are saying »good luck« to the one going through that maze.” Original painting “A MAZE” is for sale. You can also purchase prints, which are limited to only /50 hand-signed by Hamad Al Humaidhan. If you have any further questions, click here for more information.

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