Young Picasso - Hamad Al Humaidhan The Masked Amigo



Hamad Al Humaidhan about painting: I painted 6 different paintings in collection and each painting represent a “friend” in 5 different countries, Italy, China, Hungary, Russia and Spain 2x. “Young Picasso” is very interested in the culture and traditions of all these countries. Each painting is masked to represent the mystery and intrique inside all of us. “The Masked AMIGO” represents Spain.

All canvas prints are made in limited editions of 15 hand-signed pieces. It meets the lightfastness requirements for archival display. The colour has been controlled to the highest international standards producing a canvas print of unsurpassed fidelity and consistency. Together these have been proved in independent lab tests to be light fast for 100 years or more.

The images are printed on 340 gsm cotton canvas and Printing uses 12 Pigment inks giving the very best quality in interpreting the subtle details of the Artists work. Both are fade resistant and both meet and exceed industry specification requirements. The dimensions of canvas prints are approx. 60 cm x 80 cm (23,62 x 31,49 inch).

All canvas prints are subject to availability of only 15 hand-signed pieces. Hamad has signed on the bottom right corner with black marker. Signatures may vary.

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